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Poderes do Som is the outgrowth of an exciting confluence of approaches to sound from many different disciplines in Brazil and abroad.  Its  contents draw on numerous intellectual and artistic traditions and provide an excellent introduction to the variety and effervescence of studies of sound in the 21st Century.  Many of the chapters reflect on contemporary Brazilian sonic phenomena. After you read this book you will never listen to your world in the same way.

Poderes do Som was born from the work of the Grupo de Estudos em Imagem, Sonoridades e Tecnologias (GEIST), da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina and two international conferences the group organized on sonority in 2019.  Sonority is a central concept that includes the acoustic and material aspects of sound and as well as the social meanings and values given them by individuals and groups. The conferences brought together renowned international scholars including Martin Daughtry and Timothy Taylor, whose chapters on the sounds of war and the circulation, exchange and value music begin and end the body of volume, along with many Brazilian scholars of music, soundscapes, technology, anthropology, politics and culture whose papers focus on the significance of sounds in Brazil. Five artists describe their sonic peformances in “interventions” that are accessible on a website.

Organized into three parts, with an introduction to the epistemology of sonority, seventeen chapters, and 5 sonic interventions, this book is an exciting and extremely useful introduction to the interdisciplinary study of sounds, technologies, values, and their use and importance in Brazilian social life.

Anthony Seeger, author of Porque Cantam os Kĩsêdjê

List of authors:

Alex Martoni, Ana Beatriz Moreto do Vale, Camila Proto, Cassio de Borba Lucas, Denise Barata, Dulce Mazer, Fabio Camarneiro, Fábio dos Passos Carvalho, Felipe Gue Martini, Felipe Viana Estivalet, Flávio Luiz Schiavoni, Henrique Iwao, J. Martin Daughtry , João Augusto Neves Pires, João Francisco Porfírio, João Teixeira Araújo, Jordan Zalis, Jorge Bruno Ventura, José Cláudio S. Castanheira, Juliana Carla Bastos, Luís Cláudio Ribeiro, Marcelo Bergamin Conter, Marina Mapurunga de M. Ferreira, Mario Arruda, Maurílio Mendonça de Avellar Gomes, Melodie Michel, Pedro Marra, Rodrigo Ramos, Shannon Garland, Timothy D. Taylor.

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Audio & Video
ZALIS, Jordan - This is Our House
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Audio & Video
This Is Our House (audio)
From Jordan Zalis chapter: "LOUDER!" "MAKE SOME NOISE!" "STANDING!"
artistic interventions

Drifting Sound – Boitatá Incandescent, by Rodrigo Ramos

Musical poetic listening, by Felipe Gue Martini

Interference, by Fernanda Paixão

Epilepsy: Micropause Abuse, by Henrique Iwao

Mental Exhaustion n.1, by Marina Mapurunga

Tera em Trance, by Marcelo B. Conter & Mario Arruda

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